19 juin 2011

Les sirènes du port d'Alexandrie...

  In my desperate attempt to see everything I can in Egypt before I f*** off for good – oh yes, I can’t wait! – Marie-Eve, Mario and I went to Alexandria last weekend, as none of us had ever been there and it’s meant to be a cool Egyptian city... Well at least, it’s got history. Anyway, what was meant to be a lovely day trip ended up being a nightmare! We first turned up at Cairo train station at eight o’clock that sunny Friday morning to buy tickets for the nine o’clock train, as many colleagues had told us we didn’t need to... [Lire la suite]
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17 juin 2011

It sucks to be me...

  Now, the day my mother left, I realised how shit life is to me... Oh no, not because she left and I was sad about it, but because I had a “domestic accident” on the very same night she had just gone, and God knows I could have done with someone being there with me. Here’s what happened: on the day she left, my friend Marianne called and asked if I fancied going downtown for a drink in the evening. You bet I did, I had just spent a whole week playing good son, and I was ready for some fun – well, as much fun as you can get in... [Lire la suite]
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05 mars 2011

I've got soul but I'm not a soldier...

Hello everyone This one should be quite long, as I have not written for a while and a lot has happened since my last post, as you may have heard on the news – unless you were hibernating or you are just plain sh*t. Everything started on Tuesday 25 January. While the first protests were occurring in the streets of Cairo, my flatmate (Isabelle)’s family turned up, as they were meant to come and visit for a couple of weeks. You’re probably thinking “what a crap time for a holiday in Egypt” but they had planned it back in September and... [Lire la suite]
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16 octobre 2010

And it feels like I'm seventeen again...

Ok, I have been pretty lazy lately, I haven’t written here for ages. Sorry about this. I have found that in this country you tend to have mood swings every other day. Sometimes you just feel you are having the time of your life, and sometimes the only thing you want to do is take the first plane to Europe (aka the land of sanity). Two weeks ago, I got some kind of eye infection: I woke up one morning and I looked like someone who had smoked far too much weed. I went to the ophthalmologist, he gave me eye drops and I was requested... [Lire la suite]
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26 août 2010

One Way Ticket

What a start to my Egyptian life!!! 1.30am - landing in Cairo 1.40am - the customs guy takes my passport away and asks me to wait in a waiting area 1.50am - want to cry 2.00am - think about my suitcases going round and round on the belt, ownerless 2.10am - want my mum 2.20am - want my camera (in order to take pictures for pieces of evidence for when I'll sue their asses!) 2.30am - hate this country 2.40am - get my passport back and thank the customs guy (!?!?!?) 2.50am - find my suitcases abandoned in a... [Lire la suite]
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